Xbee 3TX to 1RX Help?


I am currently working on a project that requires me to use Xbee for transmission sensor data. My prof wants me to have three transmitters send data to one receiver which can then be displayed on a laptop or a CRO.

Now I am totally new to arduinos and Xbees, and I have done the basic point to point connection, but I am clueless as to where to begin to do a 3 to 1 connection.

I have 5 Xbee v1.0, an arduino board with atmega 328 and a 168. I also have Xbee adapters with a FTDI cable, XCTU and arduino software.

I would appreciate it if someone could point me in some direction. I am really clueless with programming and networking. Thank you.

The series 1 XBees are for point to point communication. You can configure three of them to send to a single receiver, but that receiver will only be able to talk back to one sender. If that's OK, then set the PAN ID on all 4 to the same value. Assign a value of MY to the receiver. Then, set DL for the 3 senders to the receiver's MY value. The DL value on the receiver doesn't really matter, and the MY values on the receivers don't really matter, either.

Thanks for that. I dont think I need the receiver to talk back to any senders at this stage. I am planning to have several Atmegas send out some signal from each of the transmitters, and I want one receiver to display it on a computer.