xbee extremely low range.


I am using 2 XBee series 1 1mW chip antena modules, one connected to my PC with XBee explorer from sparkfun and other on my arduino UNO with XBee shield.

I have simple Processing program sending message to arduino to turn LED on and off.

And here is the problem - they work only if the range is not bigger than 50cm between them (!!!!). It supposed to be 100m visibility range. Since they are actually sending the info i assume that the problem is not with them being on wrong channels etc. And my baud rate is set to default 9600.

If you need other parameters please say so.

Thanks ahead.

B-ring U-p M-y P-ost

You left out a lot of details from your post. The distances you are getting are no where near reasonable, unless the XBees are in a very noisy environment.

How are the XBees configured? What Modem type? What Function Set? What version? What did you change?

Which XBee shield are you using?

How is the Arduino powered?

In case anyone else finds this and has this problem:

In my case the coordinator was on channel 23 and the router was using the first channel it detected the coordinator, channel 11. Setting the channel manually using SC=1000 fixed the range problem.