Zigbee Commands

HI everybody!!!I am a new one to this forum.Please help me finding solution to the following::: "I am Krish.I am doing my academic project.Title is:---HOME AUTOMATION USING ZIGBEE. How can i send the data serially thorugh UART by sending commands to the ZIGBEE(digi's XBEE ZNet 2.5) by using Switches,but not using the PC(computer).. Hope to get reply soooooooooooooooon........ Tq. Back to top

There are a number of threads on hear discussing this topic, if you search for Xbee you will find them. Here are some links i've put together for my personal referance.




Those should get you started. I also have a nice PDF which walks through the setup of Xbee 2.5, so if you let me know your email, I can email it to you.