0.1" cable crimp tool

Hi Guys, New to the forum. Recently started playing around with Arduino after building my own RepRap 3d Printer. Together with a few friends we have been planning to open a Makerspace and I have a question about crimping tools for 0.1" wire. For my 3d printer I had to resort to soldering and shaping connectors with pliers. For many of the components that I bought I found the wiring to be very shoddily crimped. I've been told that soldering crimp pins is reliable But I found it time consuming, easy to overfill with solder, and difficult to shape crimp pins to fit snuggly/correctly in the housing.

We plan on setting up a 3d Printing lab of sorts with 10-15 printers and also helping others build their own. So I feel it would be beneficial to invest in a good crimping tool for the space. After looking around I have found tools specifically for 0.1" wire can vary from $20 up to $1000. The $100 tool I have is very disappointing and looking through RS catalogue there are literally 1000's of different types of PCB connectors that require different tools. We are willing to shell out the money for a good tool and I was wondering if you guys could tell me what tool would be suggested. Also, any other considerations we should take into account for the different 0.1" contact types. The tool will need to be: *Robust *Preferably Ratcheted *For wiring in Prusa RepRap (and similar) 3d pinter wires (planning on using a Ramps/Mega setup) *Also planning to run many other Arduino Mega/Uno etc. based projects. So can be used for those. *Accessable in Australia. *Not $1000 would be nice *I think most of my wiring was stranded but I'm sure solid core will come up.

What are your favourite contact type/most common? Is there a list of comparisons somewhere out there or a something outlining how to chose the correct contact type? Your help would be highly appreciated.

If you are talking about this: https://www.pololu.com/product/1928 I have one and am very happy with the results!

There's no such thing as 0.1" wire. If there was, it would be very thick. Wire is measured in "gauge". The larger the number, the smaller the wire. 26 gauge wire is smaller than 16 gauge. The common standard is AWG or American Wire Gauge. Wire in metric countries can also be measured by cross-sectional area in milimeters squared.

Most of the small ribbon cables that I'm crimping for 0.1" housings is 26 gauge.

I have this crimper from Adafruit. It looks identical to the Pololu one linked above. This can crimp contacts onto wire between 18 and 28 AWG and you can usually get away with exceeding that range.

Jaycar doesn't seem to have anything appropriate. Altronics has this but it seems like it's for thicker wire.

Yes, there are better crimpers for frightening amounts of money. You can get away with a cheap one, particularly if you're prepared to add a dab of solder to get a really secure connection. [Apply solder to the end of the wire and if it penetrates along the wire to exit the crimp, cut that crimp off and re-do it.]

The other common mistake is putting the connectors in upside-down. The side of the crimper with the peak in the middle must face the open arms of the crimp. It takes those arms and turns them down so that they bite into the middle of the wire.


I used one of the Pololu crimpers for several years and it worked reasonably well. Not too long ago, I purchased a used Amp Tyco 90202-2 and it's made a world of difference. No more banana-shaped pins or insulation crimps. Even double crimps are easy. All my pins, sockets, and housings come from Pololu and work well.