10uf or 47uf on servos?

Good design rules would seem to dictate that I should stick a couple bypass capacitors on my servo power pins. But I am unsure what value to use.

I know one should be a .1uf, but one post by Grumpymikle says 10uf for the other one, and I think at another point a 47uf may have been suggested. Grumpy's tutorials also show 47uf across noisy motors.

So is 10uf sufficient, or should I go larger?

And are a couple cpaacitors sufficent for both servos, or should I have a pair per servo? The power connectors on my board will be right next to one another so the capacitors wouldn't be far from either one.

I think you can get away with using a .1uf cap along with either 10uf or 47uf for the bypass capacitors. I don't think the sizes are that critical (of course, it depends on the amount of current your load draws and also depends on the quality of your power supply).