12V - 3A adaptater supply for Arduino Uno/Mega

Hello everyone,

I want to supply my Arduino with a 12V aptater that I found (Screenshot) and I want to plug it in the Jack port.

I pretty sure that there is no problem with it but the 3A feature of my adaptater scare me a little bit. I know that It means that It can deliver 3A max but I just wanted to make sure before frying my arduino ^^

Can someone confirm that I can plug it?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Seems ok. The Uno/Mega only takes what it needs (50-70mA).

12volt is borderline though.
The boards run on 5volt, so 12-5= 7volt has to be dissipated as heat by the regulator.
At that voltage you can't draw more than ~100mA total from any pin for sensors/LEDs/etc.
Better to use a 7.5volt or 9volt supply on the DC socket.
Or better still, a 5volt cellphone charger connected to the USB socket.