12v rechargable battery

Im doing a project where im using 4x 12v valves, 4x 12v water pumps and an arduino.

Would it be possible to power all of this using a single battery? Any recommendations for a rechargable battery that could handle this would be much appreciated!

To choose a battery you need to know voltage, average current that the battery(s) must supply and time between battery charges/changes. You have voltage so you need to figure out the current and time.

A little more detail is needed for a useful answer. Maybe WHAT valves and WHAT pumps? What constraints are there on size or weight of the battery?

My car contains a rechargeable 12V battery that could easily run all that lot (unless they're very big water pumps) but it might be a bit heavy for your purposes.


When and how the battery will be recharged is also an important part of the equation. For example lead-acid batteries will deteriorate quickly if they don't get a very full charge about once a week.