12V voltage connected to analog pins arduino mega

Hi everyone,

Please, Ive been building and circuit board for arduino and it happend that I accidentally connected 12V to 5 arduino mega analog pins. There wasnt runing any program with monitoring the pins, however the board now isnt recognized by windows.

What should I do? What is broken? Is it repairable ? Is there anything I can do to fix it ?

Thaks for your answers.

Well, can you reliably solder smd parts? Do you have the test gear and enough time to actually test everything ?

If the answer is no for any of these questions, get a new board.

Thanks, I thought so :frowning:

So many hours spent on creating the circuit, then one mistake and I screw it all up.

Im such an idiot :frowning:

You’re not alone.

I’m an idiot too, but on a much larger scale (and different subject).

You are only an idiot if you continue to repeat the same mistakes. In other words, learn from what you did.

Personally, I continue to learn how to make bigger mistakes. XD

I wont make the mistake again. I figured out what I did and I fixed it qickly, but sadly the mP was already burnt. Its sad that I cant use it anymore. Perhaps if only analog pins would burn, it still could use it for digital pins.

There goes 21 euro for another one :(

Would be nice if it had a fuse or something. And it would be nice too, if there would be a version for 12v.

It appears I can connect it. The RX and TX start to blink but then just ten onboard led blinks and Im not sure If I did it in the program. Maybe the controller is trying to say something to me. But I guess Im just imagining things.