1602 display not working properly

So I was trying the example used here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/HelloWorld

The display I am using is the 1602 display with an Arduino UNO.

See photo below attached for my connections.

The display lights up, but no texts or boxes are showing on the screen. Even when I turn the potentiometer, nothing shows up or no changes at all. Help me :(

PS. I also believe it's not because of my soldering because I have tried soldering before on other components and they work just fine.


Your breadboard power rails are broken between row 29 and 31. Look at the broken blue and red painted lines. I guess that your contrast does not alter with the potentiometer.

Life is much simpler if you forget about a pot. A single 470R resistor between LCD #3 and 0V should give a "readable" display. Otherwise, put wire jumpers to join up the blue and red power rails.

If not, test every jumper lead. Chinese male-male jumper wires are often broken inside. Your soldering looks "good enough".


OMG you're right! I didn't realize the power rails were broken in the center. THANK YOU SIR