2.8' LCD Module

Hello everyone
I'm confused i can't find similar project guidance and schematics related to this module.

Looking from the pin tells it's not exactly suitable for Arduino Mega 2560 directly.
I searched through the web and i managed to find there is a shield for TFT LCD.
But in my area it wasn't available.
So anyone have schematics for shield?
And is UTFT library works for this?

I am not aware of any Adapter shield that receives a 34-pin screen.
There are lots of 40-pin Adapter Shields for MEGA2560.

Buy a 40-pin adapter. Connect each of your 34 pins to the correspondingly named 40-pin socket.

A lot of effort. But it can be done.

Much easier to buy a 2.8 inch display Shield that plugs into the Arduino in one go.


Yeah but there isn't any available shields in my area.So i have to make one myself.

It is a lot of work to solder 24 level shifter channels. If you buy a 40-pin Adapter Shield the level-shifters are already mounted. You only need to connect plain wires.

Surely you can buy stuff from China.