2-axis hall effect sensor for multiple turning stepper motor's position sensing

I am not really sure if using 2-axis hall effect sensor for multiple turning stepper motor’s position sensing is a right idea.
basically I have a stepper motor that has a lead screw and a nut coming up and down when the stepper motor turing.
and I would like to the nut always start to move from same position.
and now I am using a photo cell sensor to tell the motor to turn until the nut comes to start position when power on.
but I need something to constantly check if the motor is stalling. So I was going to add a hall effect sensor beside of the photocell sensor. but I found a 2-axis hall effect sensor. I’ve never used the 2-axis hall effect sensor. and I am wondering if this 2-axis hall effect sensor can do both instead of the photocell and the hall effect sensor for my need?


The two-axis hall-effect sensor is good for measuring angle of rotation. You could put one on the end of your motor shaft to tell you when the motor has stalled but it won’t tell you which rotation your motor is on so you can’t use it to determine home position.

Most people just use a stepper powerful enough that it will not stall given the expected loads.