2 ESCs on same LIPO

Hello guys. I have some problems. I have a project which uses 2 brushless motors, 2 escs for them, 1 servo and both motors+pcb are connected to a 5000Mah,50C, 11.1v, 3 cell LiPo battery. The project works only if I have 2 batteries, and I use one per brushless/ESC. If I use both motors on 1 battery, it freezes after a few seconds(only if one of the motor starts).

I added the “Schematic” of the ESC and brushless.

What are those spare red wires on the righthand side of the ESCs ?

What motors and ESCs? What is powering the Arduino? All good heavy wiring, no breadboards or croc clips?

A clear photo of your setup might help.


The arduino is powered by one 5v output from the 2 ESC.

How is the 5V from the ESC connected to the Arduino ? Can you monitor the voltage with a meter while testing the project ?