2 versions of ardiono (22 and 21) on same machine

Can I install 2 versions of arduino on my computer w/o conflict? The reason being, I have been in contact with another user in England who has had success compiling code in Arduino 21 that I cannot get to work in Arduino 22. Should I try or keep working on the code? (A seeedstudio musicshield's demo code I cannot get to operate)


Yes, I've always had about three versions installed on my windows PC at any given time with no problems. However I've never tried to have two different IDE versions opened up at the same time, so I can't speak to that kind of operability, yea or nay.


It works fine, even having multiple versions open at once. There are minor issues with things like the preferences file format (if the versions get far apart. 21 and 22 are so close I doubt that it would matter), and who gets to write it last, but this tends to only cause minor issues like forgetting which sketches you had open.

And if you want to avoid the minor issues westfw referred to, you can edit the preferences.txt - [u]the one in the "lib" folder[/u] - for each IDE, and remove the comment mark before "settings.path=data". i.e.

# if you don't want settings to go into "application data" on windows
# and "library" on macosx, set this to the alternate location.

This will put your user preferences.txt in the "data" folder in each IDE. (You may have to make the "data" folder and copy a preferences.txt into it.)

Doing this allows for wildly different Arduino IDEs on the same machine. :.