Arduino 1.0 and alpha 0022 compatability?

Hi there

I seem to be getting some issues when loading up programs to my Arduino Pro mini 3.3v. Complilation has no errors and the programs load up fine but do not all work properly. I have both 0022 and 1.0 loaded on my laptop. If I load the programs from my desktop computer (which has only ever had 1.0) everything seems ok. Should I remove 0022? I've read all the FAQ and there does not seem to be any instructions on keeping old and new versions of the IDE on the same disk. Any ideas?

FYI I'm running Win 7 on both.

There is no need to remove any version. However there are breaking changes in the libraries so probably you should fix those in your code.

you should add something like:

#if ARDUINO >= 100
// ide1.0 code
// ide 0.22 code

They shouldn't interfere with each other. What program are you uploading and what does it do?

Should I remove 0022?

Just put the two different IDEs in their own seperate folders.