24V DC motor speed control (newbie)

Hi guys,

I am fairly new to Arduino, so apologies in advanced!

I am looking to make an electric go kart. I will be using a 24V 240 watt DC motor powered by a 12V battery. I will be using a throttle to control the speed and would ideally like to have information displayed via an LCD screen such as the current being drawn from the batteries and battery voltage etc.

As i mentioned earlier, assume I know nothing about Arduino (although I have self taught myself the basics and done some basic programming with the Arduino)

So basically I’m just looking for someone to point me in the right direction in regards to the first step to take. Or is this a far to ambitious first project using an Arduino?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Some data would be good - what motor, what battery? At the very least what is the motor's stall current (or winding resistance)

Basically you'll need a hefty MOSFET B-bridge capable of handling the sort of current flow, but first the data...


for that purpose i bought me some premade modules i just have to connect to the power cables.

, just search for “volt meter” on amazon/ebay, and i am sure lots will show up, and there will sure be “ampere meter” also. find ones in your needed spec ranges.

I got me some of those here for <1€ a piece. So cheap i do not have to worry when i connect them to various little projecs. Checked their values with my laboratory controlled power supply, and they show up nice and correct.

Volt meter on amazon

Apologies for the late reply, I've been trying to get some information for them both.

The motor: 24V DC 240 Watts 2000 RPM Torque 1.15 Nm Stall current 130 A

As for the battery Its just a standard 12V car battery I dont have any more information about it at the moment.

Hope this helps


If the stall current is 130A for 24V, it will be 65A at 12V, so an Hbridge capable of 65A peaks and 15A or so continuous might be a starting point.

You'll find a lot of 24V controllers for wheelchairs and so forth, less at 12V. Prepackaged controllers have been safety tested and have fail-safe features on the throttle control which is not something to throw-away lightly.

Or is this a far to ambitious first project using an Arduino?

A lot of others have probably done similar projects. You could start by getting an H-bridge like below and testing it with your motor.