2x Leonardos as Game Controllers


I've recently upgraded to a new mobo (Asus Z170 Pro Gaming running Win 7 64) and now have trouble using 2x Arduino Leonardo micro pros as game controllers. Before the upgrade, I never experienced this problem. Mobo drivers are correctly installed, and it appears USB drivers are as well.

One of the controllers is configured as an EDTracker and flashed with their program, the other is something I put together with the Joystick library to use as helicopter collective controller.

Both Arduinos are connecting correctly, have up to date drivers, and can be flashed with programs. I can also view the serial monitor no problem.

Trouble occurs when trying to use both at once, it doesn't seem to matter what USB port I use (2.0 3.0 or 3.1, or cables for that matter). The first one connected works, the second one connects but when I go to try and view the game controller, I get the error "Your game controller is not connected correctly. Please verify that it is plugged into your computer."

Again, at this point both Arduinos are connected and powered, and their outputs can be viewed in the EDtracker software and Arduino Serial monitor. The Arduino hardware and software part of these controllers are working correctly. COM port settings are fine, I think the problem is software, possibly some registry in Windows but I have had no luck solving it so far.

Does anyone have suggestions or ideas on how I can get the second controller working?

a have a question from you,can you have two mouse in pc?