2x16 LCD, Only 1x16 is visible, and code does not work.

Hi Everyone,

I am still a complete noob with electronics, not so noob with programming. I would want to just try stuff, but with electronics, i am afraid i mess up and screw up my parts. I was following this tutorial:

I have those exact parts, and connected everything like the image, copy pasted the code and uploaded it to my Arduino UNO.
Now only the top row of the LCD is turned on, no message appears, nothing, you can just see it’s green instead of dark blue. The bottom row is completely dark blue like it’s turned off. The potmeter works, i can adjust the brightness of the display, but ofcourse, only for the top row…

Is it possible my LCD has a defect? What can i try to test if my lcd is defect?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried changing to high speed bumper bolts? Which is about as good an answer as you'll get without a clear picture of YOUR setup and YOUR code so people can figure out if something is wrong. Actually it sounds like a mis-wiring issue.

In all of your searching did you find any other cases where only a single row of blocks was displayed?


@Tumbleweed, @Don
Thank you guys for your answer. Yes i found some search results saying it is either defect or mis wired. It turned out one of the wires didn't make good contact. I soldered it now, and it works perfectly. Thank you guys for your answers!