3.5" Raspberry LCD ILI9486 with an ESP32


I just bought an ILI9486 LCD in order to use it with an ESP32:

I tried to use it with the TFT_eSPI library. I just wired the LCD like it’s written in the Setup11_RPi_touch_ILI9486.h file:

#define TFT_MISO 19
#define TFT_MOSI 23
#define TFT_SCLK 18
#define TFT_CS 15 // Chip select control pin
#define TFT_DC 2 // Data Command control pin
#define TFT_RST 4 // Reset pin (could connect to RST pin)
#define TOUCH_CS 22 // Chip select pin (T_CS) of touch screen

I uncommented #include <User_Setups/Setup11_RPi_touch_ILI9486.h> line in the User_Setup_Select.h file.

When I try to use one of the example in the “480 x 320” directory I just have grey gradient in the screen and nothing else.

The touch pad is well working but not the screen…
What’s going wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help

I'm sorry.. i just forgot to comment the include User_Setup.h file..... It's not really clear! but now it works.