3.5'' TFT LCD Display Module Touch Screen SD Card 480X320 MCUFRIEND

i bought a 3.5’’ TFT with touch and sd from ebay https://ebay.to/37dYL8m (see images also).

But at the beginning i found really confusing how to make this work and how to wire it.
I started searching libraries for all the controllers (ili9481 ili9468, ili9488 hx8357, r61581), try to find wirings etc…

Finally i understood that this is a shield, so if you want to connect it to Arduino UNO or MEGA you just have to put it on top of it.
About the code you can put there is a a specific library that works straight away. No need to change even a line of code.

So, the noob-friendly steps are:

  1. in arduino-IDE go to tools-> Library Manager and download “mcufriend_kbv” library

  2. go to file → examples → MCUFRIEND_kbv and pick one (a basic one is Font_simple)

  3. upload it to arduino uno or mega (choose the correct port and board)

  4. connect the TFT screen on top of arduino uno or mega (see pictures)
    (see images)

  5. enjoy


  1. if code cannot be uploaded try to upload with the screen unplugged
  2. i read that the screen consumes a lot of power and i observed that arduino is more hot than it should, so i dont know if there is something i can do about it or it will damage it long term. i guess the best solution is to bypass the power pin and use external power supply with enough current available.

The current Mcufriend pcb design is crap. Especially for 3.5 inch displays.

It takes far too much current from the 3.3V pin on your Uno. If the screen feels warm it is not too bad. If the screen feels HOT you should check the current.

Which controller is mounted. Most of the MCUFRIEND_kbv examples report the ID to the Serial Terminal. Some report to TFT as well. e.g. Diagnose_xxxx