3.95" ILI9488 Touch not work

Hi Friend ,

I have received my 3.95" touch screen , but i have problem with touch . ( This screen )

I tried use mcufriend diagnose touch :

Making all control and bus pins INPUT_PULLUP
15:03:37.930 -> Typical 30k Analog pullup with corresponding pin
would read low when digital is written LOW
15:03:38.034 -> e.g. reads ~25 for 300R X direction
15:03:38.068 -> e.g. reads ~30 for 500R Y direction
15:03:38.103 ->

Diagnose tft support : ( screen work with mcufriend_special modified )

Diagnose whether this controller is supported
15:04:46.960 -> There are FAQs in extras/mcufriend_how_to.txt
15:04:46.994 -> 
tft.readID() finds: ID = 0xD3D3
15:04:47.062 -> 
15:04:47.062 -> MCUFRIEND_kbv version: 2.9.8
15:04:47.096 -> 
15:04:47.096 -> Probably a write-only Mega2560 Shield
15:04:47.130 -> Try to force ID = 0x9481

Any idea about touch problem ?

Edit : screen not work with UTFT library

UTFT myGLCD(ILI9486,38,39,40,41);

Thanks good week end .

Please read this current thread.

It looks as if TFT and SD should work 100%.

Touch panels are in three type:

  1. Raw resistive panel. Pins called XP, XM, YP, YM. e.g. library: "TouchScreen.h"
  2. Resistive panel with XP, XM, YP, YM controlled by XPT2046 chip. e.g. library: "XPT2046_Touchscreen.h"
  3. Capacitive panel. e.g. library: "Adafruit_FT6206.h"

There are variants of XPT2046 chip. They all work the same. Use SPI inteface.
There are variants of FT6206 chip. They work the same. Use I2C interface.

The raw Resistive Panel uses the Arduino's ADC to read the Touch position.
The hardware XPT2046 does exactly the same. i.e. with its on-chip ADC.

Hardware chips remove the processing burden from the Arduino. They can just provide an IRQ when they detect a Touch. Or you can read a chip register if you don't connect the IRQ pin.

Your Red ILI9486 Mega shield is type (2).
Mcufriend Uno Shields are type (1).

When I hear from PilotGuy, we can resolve all the questions about your screen. And I can show you how to use XPT2046_Touchscreen.h

It would be wise to concentrate on one particular thread e.g. PilotGuy's