3 Button Toggle RGB LED

HI, Trying to make three independent momentary NO switches control each color in RGB LED. The script runs but the switches do not control the on/off state of the RGB. The RED diode is turn on without pressing any button. At this point I am lost!

3_Button_RGB_LED_Toggle.ino (2.66 KB)

3_Button_RGB_LED_Toggle.ino (2.66 KB)

Can you post a schematic of your project?

If you post your code as described in the how to use this forum sticky more members will see it.


Did you modify the code? This line is really bizarre:

int Button = (13,12,8);

Hi, Want to use independent swithes to control the on/off state of the RGB LED. When the script runs the swithes do not control the RGB. It runs and the RED LED comes on without pressing and switch.

void loop()
  REDcurrentButton = debounce(REDlastButton);                //read debounced state
  if (REDlastButton == LOW && REDcurrentButton == HIGH);     //if it was pressed…
     REDlastButton = REDcurrentButton;                       //toggle the LED value
     REDledOn = !REDledOn;
     REDlastButton = REDcurrentButton;
    // return REDlastButton;                                   //return the current value
  GREENcurrentButton = debounce(GREENlastButton);            //read debounced state
  if (GREENlastButton == LOW && GREENcurrentButton == HIGH); //if it was pressed…
      GREENlastButton = GREENcurrentButton;                  //toggle the LED value 
      GREENledOn = !GREENledOn;
      GREENlastButton = GREENcurrentButton;
     // return GREENlastButton;                                //return the current value
  BLUEcurrentButton = debounce(BLUElastButton);             //read debounced state
  if (BLUElastButton == LOW && BLUEcurrentButton == HIGH); //if it was pressed…
      BLUElastButton =  BLUEcurrentButton;                   //toggle the LED value 
      BLUEledOn = !BLUEledOn;
      BLUElastButton = BLUEcurrentButton;
     // return BLUElastButton;                                 //return the current value

3_Button_RGB_LED_Toggle.ino (2.66 KB)

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When you post code post the entire sketch, please.

Sorry, new at this forum etiquette. Floating inputs hmm, should I assign logic levels to the dummy variables when the function is declared?

Your inputs are probably not floating, I see what looks like 10k ohm resistors in the photo you posted. On the other hand, you should respond to my post about the declaration, reply #3.

Thought Int = (13,12,8) should have been deleted. Also had a thought maybe my logic is reversed. Using a volt meter, measure 5v at each switch when not press and 0v when press?

@ron_wells, please don't PM me with technical questions. I've requested it in my forum signature.