3 Phase AC Servo motor control.

Hello, Just wondering if anyone here has controlled a servo motor with an arduino?

One of these

The working principle isn't too complicated. But controlling them seems a little more complicated than steppers.

Just wondering if anyone here has controlled a servo motor with an arduino?

Lots of times.

One of these

Nope. Never tried to control a picture with the Arduino. Now, if you were to post a link, perhaps we could help you determine the feasibility of the project.

Paul is right, you need to supply more information on the drive. Unlike stepper drives which almost universally take step and direction signals, servo drives vary greatly. Some take step and direction, analog (usually +/- 10V), or serial commands that set position, velocity, or torque or various combinations of the above. Others have proprietary schemes that will only operate with the manufacturers controllers. So it may be very easy or nearly impossible depending on the drive.

My employer, a major UK electric motor manufacturer, publishes some data and services manuals on the company website, which may be of interest to some of the participants in this discussion.

For example


I see.

Well here's a pdf with the pinouts of he drive I have. http://www.ung.si/~sstanic/lidar/otlica/controller/V-Controller-general.pdf

If it was step/dir I wouldn't even ask. This seems to be Vector control but the drive seems to have the option to use various input signals.

-5         Synchronisation control           optional
-4             Position control              standard
-3              Speed control                standard
-2             Current control               standard
-1 Locating position reference point setting standard
 1       Target position specification       optional
 2          Speed specification 1            standard
 5              Manual mode                  optional
 6          Reference run mode

The X26 connector has some analog and digital inputs and one can link them to control the drive.

This is on page 49 of the manual. He opted to choose a analog input to control the speed of the motor. Looking at page 135 this could be a potentiometer. On this page the various input signals are also described.

Looking further at 137 under RFG mode; 100 --->sum of input 1 and 2 Page 156 seems to talk a bit about another way of using two digital inputs. So If I choose digital inputs and set them to be a sum of each other maybe that would enable me to control the direction and speed?

On 140 a motor potentiometer is described. 0 inching - off 1 inching - on („motor potentiometer output value“ is decreased) I might be able to use that to let it step.

Also they were so nice to show what the rs232 interface string looks like on page 170

Not sure if I'm allowed to set a position or speed value directly.

Any suggestions to what would be the easiest way here?