32x32 RGB LED Matrix Coding

Hello, I am a novice starting my first Arduino project. I chose to do a 32x32 RBG LED Matrix panel as my introduction to coding. Is there a database of code I can look through or a specific forum or library where people already have code made for such a project? I want to know how to do interesting designs, scroll text, display images, create animations, and is there a way to draw the pixels on software then convert it to code to output on my matrix? I just need some guidance, thank you! :slight_smile:

Have you tried googling this question.

The keywords are

arduino led matrix tutorial

I have and they just give you code for other sized matrices (8x8, 16x16, ect) nowhere does it explain how to code from scratch either.

There are two separate concepts involved here. The first is lighting up the lights. The second is interesting effects.

The first step is to get the lights to light up. That's not trivial for the size you have chosen as your first project (32X32X3). You can reduce the size of your effort by using a smaller example to light up just one corner, perhaps 8X8x3. Then expand the example for your full size. Or you could start with one color (32X32X1) and then expand to all three.

The Arduino does not have enough processing power or memory for truly stunning visual effects. Most projects with fancy displays use the serial port to take data from a computer which handles the pattern generation side. In addition to the other suggestions, google LED cube. Your task is similar, but instead of layers, you have colors.

32x32 RGB is really 32 x 96 (or 96 x 32) in terms of control.
Are you planning on building up hardware using shift registers and then writing your own multiplexing code? Typically that would be 96 anode drivers and 32 transistors sinking current from common cathode columns, with N-channel MOSFETs for sinking current, in this case 96 x .02A = 1.92A.
Each column would be sunk for 1mS for flicker free viewing.
cd74ac164 would be good for the anode drives, and AOI516 controlled by 74HC595 would be good for sinking current.
These 2 boards would be good for that:
96 channels of current drive and 32 channels of current sink:

In fact I already built the circuit Adafruit provides (http://www.adafruit.com/product/607) I'm more or less looking for a coding guide for Arduino. as of right now I am just editing and playing with the example code that Adafruit provides. As stated in my original post I would like to draw interesting designs, scroll text, display images, create animations, and lastly is there a way to draw the pixels on software then convert it to code to output on my matrix

so there are no guides?

I agree with you....for some reason there is not any coding examples or reference to commend for the rgb 32x32 matrix. I am going to make some animations the best I can and post them so the internet has something. But I too have to figure it out as I go. I really wish Arduino did a better job at the documentation for running these displays. I assume it is because these displays are mostly use with other controllers.