3D-Printed Arduino Spider Robot

Hi Arduino fans,

I am new to the whole robotics side of the arduino and i really whant to make a 3D-Printed Spider Robot.

I have been scouting the internet for help and tutorials but haven't found anything.

Is there a kind soul who know how to make a spider robot like this one in the link with a arduino uno.

If some of you have made one and have the sketch and 3d model laying around i would appreciate it if i cold use and see that.

Kind regards

A hopeful noob

No link to the one you are interested in.

The 3d print part should be quite independent from the arduino robot piece. When I was working on my hexapod, I started working on the mechanics using tongue depressors as legs.
Then I stepped up to thin plywood.
Then I ordered nice plastic legs.

But there was a fair amount of head scratching and programming to get it working.
You won't want my sketch. It is a jumbled mess and was never completed.
But there are a lot of people here who would help you develop your own!

Edit: And now I see your link. 12 servo quadrapod.

@casperack it looks to me like all the info you could possibly need is in the link you posted.


Yeah, it includes a link to the thingiverse page for this project.
Which has a link to a github page with the sketch.

@Robin2 The problem is that he dosen't say what code he used or how it is done

I want to make the one in the video with a arduino uno.

It only has to be able to move in a preset direction so i can modify the code as i get new ideas and parts like bluetooth remote and sensors.

I will use it as a learning robot so that every time i learn something like distance sensors i can add it to the robot.



Thanks @vinceherman - that says it all.


@casperack, when you have looked that project and downloaded the 3D plans,
start a thread with your progress and questions.
I would like to see someone doing this.

I was surprised how smoothly his quad walked. Usually they tip back and forth as they walk.

@vincherman i have finally found what i have been looking for :smiley: but are you maybe able to help me with something?

I have found a .fzz for an arduino uno now but i dont know how to make a pcb out of the project on my breadboard.

I can send you the JPG of the diagram and maybe you can help me understand it :smiley:

Better yet, post the picture here.
Follow this handy guideline for posting pictures.

I expect that a PCB is down the road a bit.
Get your arduino to talk to your servos.
Get all of the power requirements and coding issues out of the way.
Likely use a solderless breadboard to begin with.
Maybe use a solderable prototype board once you get it walking.
Then look to clean things up with a PCB.

The guy in the youtube video only uses the nano and no dc-dc converter or power adapter.

How can i make it more like his with a power bank of some sorts the uno and the servos?

Help us out with links to the articles you are referring to.

On Regis Hsu’s instructible site, he does use a 12-5V regulator.

It's the guy in the Youtube video in the original post

Oh, the power bank. It is a regulated power supply (with an internal dc-dc piece)
But 5V so the nano can run directly on it.
I would say that it is likely marginal for powering 12 servos, but it obviously works for him.

Here is a pic of how he wired the 12 servos. It would be interestint to see the back of that board to see the wires, but I am sure that all 12 serovs have +5 and GND from the power bank, and the signam pin on each of the 12 goes to one of the pins on the nano.


Do you have servos?
Do you have a Nano or Pro Mini?
A Power Bank?
A USB cable to cut up to grab power?

Ahh, here is a glimpse of the back, from 2:17 in the video.
First shot without arrows

Second shot with some arrows.

Green arrow pointing at one row of pins all joined together.
Blue arrow pointing at the middle row of pins all join together.
Purple arrow pointing at the row of signal pins, each one with a wire going sideways to the Nano pin.

ohh thank you so so much man it really helps :smiley:

Do you have any idea of how i could do this with a uno and what dc - dc converter should i use and what battery pack?

I think that the UNO, a power bank and a way to wire up all the servos should be good.

This makes an assumption that the power bank will be capable of providing enough current. The math says it might fail. But clearly the video shows it working.

Are you going to do this?

It would be a fun exercise.
ali express has 20 servos for $23ish

I may go experiment with wiring up 12 servos to one of the UNOs I have laying around.