3G/4G USB Dongle

I thought I found something in the past about someone getting a 3G/4G USB dongle up and running with the Yun... but now can't find the link. Does anybody know any dongles that are compatible? Thanks

UPDATE: I think I found what I was looking at before:

I am going to work through this, but would be grateful to hear of anyone who has had success with the Yun and a USB 3G/4G dongle.

Pi or Beaglebone Black/Arduino TRE might have better position to get 4G Wimax or 4G LTE to work, even with Pi I spent big effort to deal with driver.

Here is guide about 3G/4G USB Dongle support which can be used for Edison Arduino board Loading... But it is suitable for any other Embedded linux PC

Has anyone found success in getting a YUN online via USB modem yet? I'm tryin got find the same thing right now