Hi I'm arduino newbie, i bought this shield


The shield works perfect from serial, and use adafone library, just need know if someone try to send sms alert whit this and if is possible help me out whit some sketch. need to read data from dht22 and send alert message if the temperature go over a set temp.


Sending SMS with the SIM 5320 is exactly the same as the earlier 2G modems. Some other less commonly used functions are significantly different.

I've used the TinySine 3G for several months now... the SIM 5320 is a great chipset, but is [u]not[/u] completely compatible with the Adafruit FONA3G library (SMS functions should be ok).

I've completely ripped the heart out of FONA to implement my own functions - including [u]non-blocking[/u] SMS, unfortunately at the moment it's all inline code. Maybe one day I'll rewrite it as a library ! (Tested with SMS, voice calls, email and timekeeping etc - I have put a couple other posts here about my journey - especially GPRS+email.. search for 5320)

Hi Lastchancename…

You mention the 5320 may not be complete compatible with the Adafruit FONA3G library, did you end up completing your modified FONA library? I have a very simple device I wish to create, though as a newbie I am really struggling with the AT commands and FONA library, I don’t wish to use the Serial monitor, I want this to be a stand alone unit and send an SMS… here is the outline of things so far

Hardware -

  • Funding Mega 2550
  • DFRobot LCD Keypad Shield
  • TinySine 3G Shield (Sim5320A)

Operation -

At idle, the LCD displays “Enter Ph Number”, the user then enters their phone number using the keypad. Once 10 digits have been entered, the LCD writes “Press # to Send”, the user then presses hash and I wish for the Arduino to send a SMS to a set number (UTCPhone String). The message will contain the entered user phone number and the asset number of which the sms was sent from (AssetID String)

I am really just wanting the minimum code in setup and get a hardware sms out - any suggestions?

SMS_Notifier.ino (4.15 KB)

I've seriously mAngLEd my original FONA library, but it worked well enough for the basic operations. It was just when I started doing things like taking the time from the network, that I found the 5320 command set differed slightly. (AT+CTZU etc)

I also have modified it to get the carrier name, RSSI, signal type and other service info.

Also since then, I've made it completely non-blocking - but not documented or really portable yet. (Normally sendng an SMS using:(AT+CMGS+number(CR) > message... OK) will take 2-5 seconds before releasing the CPU for other things) My revised code doesn't block the processor at all.

I'm about to update it again - for tidiness & readability of the code.

So - in summary - go with the standard FONA library for now (I always use hardware UARTs) If you want to do anything special - enable the FONA debug messages, and make sure the modem is doing what you expected!

Your code should be straightforward - a couple of separate blocks [u]Make them work reliably by themselves[/u], then start tying them together.

  • LCD driver / display formatting
  • Keypad handler and 'number' buffer
  • SMS Message storage
  • Glue to hold it together,
  • Push the number & messages to the modem.

Good luck. Let us know how you're going.