"4 bar" characters EOL on 2004 display

Hoping someone has seen this before. Working on my first Nano project and I was succesful in sending text to a 1602 display. I received a couple of 2004 displays to and swapped one in. I updated the code and everything runs ok but I get two characters at EOL with bars in them:

Any help would be appreciated


Did you use println?
(It's hard to tell from the code you didn't post)


#include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>
LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x27, 20, 4);


lcd.init(); // initialize the lcd
lcd.backlight(); // Turn backlight On


lcd.setCursor(0, 0);
lcd.print("Garage: ");
lcd.println("F ");

lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
lcd.print("Humidity: ");
lcd.println("% ");

So, don't use println.

Please remember to use code tags when posting code.

I'd be a tad worried about your "freezers", if I remember the Fahrenheit scale correctly.

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I feel like such a noob, that did the trick. Thanks!

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