4 channel keyfob - upgrade to more channels?


I'm currently using this keyfob transmitter....

And this matching receiver.....

To control a pair of these actuators....
The transmitter has 4 channels, I use two for each actuator, one for up and one for down. So far so good everything works fine.

The problem is that I'd like to add a third actuator, this will require another 2 channels.

Any suggestions about what I could use? I like the cheapness and simplicity of the current setup, so I'd prefer not to have start messing around with anything too sophisticated, but I can't go for the obvious solution (buy a 2nd keyfob) because they all work on the same frequencies.

So, in short what I'm after is a 6-channel version of the existing keyfob, but I haven't been able to find anything so far.

Any ideas?

One way to do it is code in button combinations as commands.
Make your own transmitter remote by buying a same-frequency transmitter with matching chip pair and have as many buttons as you want.

you may need to get a new receiver so you have more control on the receiving program.

press and hold for 1 second = motor 1
press and hold for 2 seconds = motor 2

button #A chooses motor 1 or motor 2
button #C choses motor 3 or motor 4

button B = up
button D = down.

or get a new remote


I believe those keyfobs use the PT2262 encoder chip, which does have 6 data channels. Check the data sheet.

You could roll your own with Arduino and a 433 MHz TX module. The RCSwitch library encodes and decodes the PT2262/72 protocol.

His device is 315 so a 433 isn't the best recommend for a Tx module

Thanks for the suggestions. I had already considered making the buttons multi-purpose and I think this is the option I'll have to go with.

the thing is that keyfob and receiver are just so damn cheap that any other option looks like burning money.

I think I can add the third actuator and program it so that channels A and B make it go up and channels C and D make it go down.

I've checked, the PT2262/72 module is six channel, so I'm not sure why adafruit only bothered with 4 of them.

Because Adafruit is just like any other company, being profit-driven. 4-key RF fobs are dirt cheap, China churns out tons of them, 6-key ones are not produced in such volumes and are costlier. It's not like Adafruit runs their own factory, they screen print logos and resell.