4 Digit 7 Segment Display Showing Text?

I just bought this 4 digit 7 segment display and inputting numbers and a counter have been simple enough but I have no idea how to make it display any text.

(This is the display) Adafruit 1.2 4-Digit 7-Segment Display w/I2C Backpack - Green : ID 1268 : $18.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

On adafruit's website they say you can use it to show some letters

" print(variable,HEX) - this will print a hexidecimal number, from 0000 up to FFFF"

(found here) 1.2" 7-segment Backpack | Adafruit LED Backpacks | Adafruit Learning System

but is there a way to make the display print a full range of letters and words?
The only examples I saw in the library I downloaded have the hexidecimal number from 0000 to FFFF

I am very new to arduino and have only done a few projects in school so any advice on this would help greatly!

Get a hold of seven toothpicks and do some experimenting.


Here is a pseudo alphabet:

//                    .abcdefg 
//                    76543210  
const byte chrA   = 0b01110111;  // A
const byte chra   = 0b11100111;  // a
const byte chrB   = 0b01111111;  // B
const byte chrb   = 0b00011111;  // b
const byte chrc   = 0b00001101;  // c
const byte chrC   = 0b01001110;  // C
const byte chrD   = 0b01111110;  // D
const byte chrd   = 0b00111101;  // d
const byte chrE   = 0b01001111;  // E
const byte chre   = 0b01101111;  // e
const byte chrF   = 0b01000111;  // F
const byte chrG   = 0b01011111;  // G
const byte chrg   = 0b01111011;  // g
const byte chrH   = 0b00110111;  // H
const byte chrh   = 0b00010111;  // h
const byte chrI   = 0b00110000;  // I
const byte chri   = 0b00010000;  // i
const byte chrJ   = 0b01111100;  // J
const byte chrK   = 0b10100111;  // K
const byte chrj   = 0b00111000;  // j
const byte chrL   = 0b00001110;  // L
const byte chrl   = 0b00110000;  // l
const byte chrM   = 0b11111001;  // M
const byte chrn   = 0b00010101;  // n
const byte chrO   = 0b01111110;  // O
const byte chro   = 0b00011101;  // o
const byte chrP   = 0b01100111;  // P
const byte chrq   = 0b11110011;  // q
const byte chrR   = 0b01110111;  // R
const byte chrr   = 0b00000101;  // r
const byte chrS   = 0b01011011;  // S
const byte chrt   = 0b00001111;  // t
const byte chrU   = 0b00111110;  // U
const byte chru   = 0b00011100;  // u
const byte chrW   = 0b11001111;  // W
const byte chrX   = 0b10100111;  // X
const byte chrY   = 0b00111011;  // Y
const byte chrZ   = 0b11100101;  // Z

Thank you so much for this!!
Exactly what Jamesyboy needed

Just an idea but if you wanted to display text in more readable format, look up 14 or 16 segment LED. They aren't common and can be a bit pricey compared to 7 segments but they were widely used back in the day before LCD became cheap.