5v components on Due

Hi, I have an Arduino Due and I am working on a project. But as I have seen on the official webpage, it runs on 3.3v and 5v can damage the board. But my project involves connecting servos and a 5v GPS module(Ublox G7020) to it. Now my question is, how do I connect the servo and the GPS module to the Due. Note that the GPS module's Rx and Tx doesn't have any level shifter connected.

Is the below wiring correct?(I couldnt find the GPS module so I used a shield and connected the only 4 wires coming out of the actual module with me(Vcc, Gnd, Rx, Tx) to the Due.
Thank You

Fritzing does have a schematic mode. Use that instead of the breadboard-photo mode.

No, you need a level shifter on the line going to the Due RX. This could be one resistor or a voltage divider pair of resistors.

What value should I connect??? Is 330 ohm okay.