5V encoder cable length to be extended upto 10 meters

Hi -

For a conveyor - fabric spreading application - 5V encoder is mounted on a moving roller fitted with motor and encoder - the amplifier is located in the control box and the length of the encoder cable is 10meters and the signal gets dropped - is it possible to have an amplifier for the 3 channel pulse encoder or can we use bluetooth for communication of the encoder feedback?

I'd go with a line driver/receiver pair.

There are also ready-to-go solutions

If your encoder is single-ended outputs, try strong pull-ups on the encoder signals, 1k or so,
in case that’s enough.

However differential line-drivers are the proper way to do it, industrial encoders are usually differential
signalling for this reason, its vastly more immune to noise and interference, and the signals are
properly terminated.

But perhaps you should confirm what you are actually talking about with full part numbers, link
to datasheets, etc…

It is differential, it is from a old machine, enclosing wiring diagram, data sheet not available

In that case are you using differential receivers to get clean signals at the receiving end? Are you even
terminating the pairs?

Yes, we are terminating the ends

Using a differential receiver? Do you have a ground connection between the ends?

Yes differential receiver with a very good ground connection

Oscilloscope time perhaps... Something is badly wrong.