5v motor with 12v ? Can i?

I have 5v dc motor and a 12v transformer
I know i can just use the usb to arduino
But my qustion is if it work fine with the 12v ?

First, you should NOT power any motor from the Arduino 5v pin. It cannot provide enough current and voltage spikes from the motor can damage your Arduino.

Without seeing the datasheet for the motor it is impossible to answer your question - except by guessing.

In general 12v (compared to 5v) will cause a great deal more current to flow in the motor coils. That can cause the motor to overheat and get damagaed.


Unsure what you plan to do.
You can power an Arduino with a 12VDC supply. That works fine.
You can not power a 5V motor with a 12V supply, unless you keep it submerged in liquid nitrogen to deal with the heat.
You can not power a 5V motor directly off an Arduino, motors draw too much. The maximum a pin can supply is 20 mA; the maximum an Arduino can supply through its Vcc pin is a couple hundred mA so while small motors may work it's a bad idea - they draw a lot more than rated current when stalled and starting up.