5V relay coil interface with arduino

Hello All,
I am trying to integrate 5V relay coil with ratings as 7A 250V with arduino board. I have seen most of the relays with 12 V coil inputs. I have a relay which can be activated with 5V. I want to check if I can interface ULN2003A with arduino and 5V relay coil.

ULN2003A pin 9 talks about connecting this pin to 12V supply whereas my relay needs only 5V.

I created the interface as shown in the picture. With this I am able to activate the relay from arduino with the help of digital pin 3 from arduino.

Can someone help me to validate the attached circuit if it is correct way of doing or is there an alternative way to achieve this.


Sorry forgot to attach. Here is the attachment

Yes, the ULN2003A will work with 5V supply on pin 9 (I've used as low as 3.3V).

If you're driving more than 1 relay, you need to use a separate 5V supply for the relay power to the coil.

Yes, that's an OK use of the ULN2003. They are quite useful for general-purpose open-collector "Low Side Switch" purposes.

There are a LOT of small stepper motors that use this small ULN2003 driver board:

That little board is very useful and you don't have to put stuff on a breadboard etc.. And it has LEDs that light on 4 channels.

OTHER: the schematic you will find HERE: shows a 5V relay with an optically-isolated connection to Arduino.

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I am using a 12V relay to drive a 5V motor but the motor is not working. The circuit I connected is same as Rahul's.(I gave 12V instead of 5V). Can someone help me out :frowning: