6 Pin button

I have recently received a Seeeduino board with a few accessories.One of these was a strange looking green button. This button has 6 pins coming out of it, 2 on either side and then 1 on the top and bottom. It may be an led button but I’m not too sure. I don’t know how to set this up like a normal button as there is no documentation on it, I have tried loads of different setups but I cant find the right one.
Pictures of this button:

I don’t found any information about the button but yes probably it is a normal button with 2 pin for a led so you can connect it like photo I post.
with these connections you read a 0 logic when button isn’t press and a 1 logic when you press button…
for led I don’t know if anode is on pin6 or pin5 so I suppose this connection but if led don’t turn on invert the configuration on pin5 and pin6 and led is always ON.

P.S. reduce the dimension of the photos is too large

A better way to connect to Arduino is this.
Use the an input pin with internal pullup enabled, look for a LOW to see when switch is pressed.

When you see it pressed, you can set an output HIGH to light the LED. Press once for HIGH, Press again for LOW.
This is a little klugdy, but you can see the idea.

  // Button push turns the LED on & off, debounce makes it doesn't change unexpectedly
  if (millis() - ButtonPresstime >=250){  
   // ButtonPressTime is unsigned long
  // debounce time of 250mS, adust as needed  - if pressed & held, LED will toggle 4 times/second
    if (digitalRead (ButtonPin) == LOW){
      if (ledState == 1){
        ledState = 0;
        ButtonPresstime = millis();
        // Serial.println("LED off");
      digitalWrite (ledPin, LOW);
      else {
        ledState = 1;
        ButtonPresstime = millis();
        // Serial.println("LED on");
       digitalWrite (ledPin,  HIGH);

Thank you both, all I needed was how to connect but I appreciate the extra help :)