8-axis game controller "prototype"

I have been playing space games, like Starmade, which allow a pilot to have control over all 6 axis of ship control, 3 axis of rotation and 3 axis of throttle. (in starmade rotation is “stabilized” so the ship only moves while you push the stick, some games rotation is inertial, while in starmade vector is inertial).

Most game controllers have 2 sticks, giving 4 axis of “stick” control, but I wanted more sticks, so I thought I would experiment with sticks under the trigger fingers as well.

I used vjoyfeeder from here: https://github.com/Cleric-K/vJoySerialFeeder

I tried to make my own sketch, but never figured out how to use the library correctly and had too many problems, so I went with modify the sketch provided, and it worked the first try, nice and smooth, very good.

I used an arduino pro-nano v3 (old bootloader) because it had 8 analog inputs but I wish it had more digital inputs because I could be happy hooking up more buttons, HOWEVER< , I actually don’t even use all of the buttons I DID hook up, so no ACTUAL trouble there. It’s just that there are buttons under the sticks, so I wanted to hook some up, but while the pro-nano is connected to USB, if you put buttons there, it boggles up the usb connection.

I basically double-sticky-taped some breadboards to a thin piece of plywood panel, and went ahead with a nice bulky controller for stability in my hands, and plenty of room to just use breadboards and screws. Also, a bulkier object will be more durable since i didn’t solder anything, I think overall it should last longer on breadboards by being a bit larger, if it were smaller the wiring would get bumped more.

I posted a youtube video where I try to introduce it, but it’s REALLY rough, I didn’t spend time to think about it much, I need to find a way (maybe someone to hold the camera) that I can actually show it in action, I can’t use the controller and hold the phone…

I think I will try to find a place to post the project if someone already doesn’t have an identical project, or otherwise link to and support the idea, because I used the controller to fly hoops on a course similar to drone racing that I made in starmade (hoops that you fly through), and I think overall it’s not only perfectly usable, but a very nice configuration for 6 axis control .

here’s my video. I know its youtube but please excuse that I’m not a “youtuber” or video producer, I just use it because then my videos are accessible. I don’t make “content”, just my little show and tells and such.