8 relay module

hi ,i bought one of those "8 relay modules" on amazon to use with my arduino UNO.
but i cant get the relays to trigger.....i have all the power hooked up but it dosent work
the only thing that happens is the led lights up really dim can someone point me in the right diretion please thanks??

Your image is HUGE!
Please attach your Sketch.

It would be beneficial to see an image showing us the relay terminal wires and their connection to the Arduino.
Do you have the Arduino +5V going to the +5V terminal? And Arduino 0V going to the 0V terminal.

How much current is required to actuate a relay, and how do you have the relay board wired to the arduino?

it doesnt say how much current is needed

if you figured it out can you post im having the same problem

On the below page it says "5V 8-Channel Relay interface board, and each one needs 15-20mA Driver Current".

Might seem a daft question, but are you actually providing a power supply to the relay board (ideally not 5v via the arduino regulator) as well as the necessary 5 volt logic signals.

Also, how are you powering the arduino