800l error “sim not inserted”

I am so new I still smell of fresh paint but I’m about to tear my face off in frustration
Please any help would be appreciated:

All was going well with my 800L attached to my Uno but when I try and test the connection I get an error saying SIM not inserted??

Like I say, I’m very new to all this so please be kind.
Thanks in advance.

If You attach a wiring diagram and code You might get good help. Wild guesses, from helpers, will only make You frustrated or overloaded.

and... of course, is your SIM the correct type and voltage for the modem.

Thanks for the support guys:
Arduino Uno attached to PC and 9v battery
The RHOS 800L has a flashing light every second
SIM TXD to Pin 10
SIM RXD to Pin11

Just using the software serial example code but have adjusted the baud rate to 9600
sent AT command and got OK response
I may need to look at my code some more.
I may have possibly suffered new starter syndrome and bitten off more than I can chew as a first project.

What’s powering the modem?
and verify the modem and uno are talking at the same speed...

Modem is powered by 9v battery and as far as I can tell they are both at 9600 baud

nowhere near enough juice in a 9v PP3 battery if that’s what you mean.
How are deriving the 5V needed to the modem, again, not through the Arduino 5v regulator.
The modem needs a good strong 5v @2A independent of the processor.

This is the code and the error on the serial monitor

This is the wiring and the battery I’m using. The modem has power light on and a steady blinking led also (about once every second)

Images won’t upload. Sorry folks

Let’s try uploading this image again...

I think you misunderstand the error message. It is referring to a SIM card which is inserted into the SIM800 module.

What phone network is the SIM800L module going to send to and receive from?

It’s a UK 02 sim

when you post images, please read the sticky, and put them inline with your post. JPEGs are the most compatible/portable in most cases.

Is it a 2G sim? Does it work in a phone?

Is it inserted like like this

It’s a new 4G sim and is installed as per your picture (thank you for this tho - it also shows the wiring which matches mine also

Just keep in mind, the 800 is a 2G modem, and 2G networks are disappearing.

This might be the issue!!
Any recommendations for a 4G version?
I’m using an Arduino Uno

i’ve been using SIM5320x (3G) for a couple of years, but I think 4G modems are only just beginning to appear. You’ve got at least 5 years with 3G networks..
Try Tinysine Electronics, because I’ve been on him to put together a 4G bundle for Australia.

Thank you all for the help - I have it "working"
You were right:
The GSM module was 2G and couldn't connect to my local network as thje signal strength was non existent. a new SIM808 board and SUCCESS! Sort of...
(I thought this would all be easy lol)
remember I'm painfully new...
The plan is to have the arduino and GSM module hidden in a base unit with a switch on a bell, when the bell is rung, switch connects and a standard SMS message is sent to my mobile.
It'a for a fun gift - the message will read "get the boss a coffee"

I have it set up and have borrowed the code from an online tutorial but (and this is where my novice lack of knowledge is killing me) does the arduino ALWAYS have to be connected to my PC for this to work?

Once I load up the sketch - as long as it is connected to my PC it works, but if I unplug... nothing.
UNO and GSM are powered seperately so no issues there.
Where am I going wrong?

Also I can't seem to get the sms to repeat (if the button/bell is pressed a second time later)?

here's the code I've borrowed (and no - that's not my real mobile number)

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(10, 11); // RX, TX

void setup() {
// Open serial communications and wait for port to open:
while (!Serial) {
; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB port only

Serial.println("Good to go!!");

// set the data rate for the SoftwareSerial port
while (digitalRead(2) == HIGH) {;}
mySerial.write("AT+CMGF=1"); mySerial.println();
mySerial.write("AT+CMGS="); mySerial.write('"'); mySerial.write("0787654321"); mySerial.write('"'); mySerial.println();
mySerial.write("Go Get Boss A Coffee");

void loop() { // run over and over
if (mySerial.available()!=0) {
if (Serial.available()) {

As always I honestly appreciate the help - I live in the UK lake district and there are no classes or learning centres I can go to so you folks are my only help.