8x8 dot matrix [max7219] - Is there OK to make RGB modulation with max7219 CNG?

Hi. I bought max7219 module with 8x8 dot matrix.

There has connection with DIN(MOSI), CS, CLK and i have firmware into their Arduino UNO.
I found the source that support to max7219 make to 8x8 dot RED LED on the dot matrix.

During searching their library, I found libraries that name of LedControl Library, I want to find the way how to make RGB interaction with max7219.

Now I find matrix backpack libraries but it seems to dissolve with adafruit matrix modules.

It doesn’t solve my primary problem.

Please give me advice for their solution.

Now I find matrix backpack libraries but it seems to dissolve with adafruit matrix modules

No idea what you mean. Resolve means to incorporate into a liquid, your salt dissolves in water.

The ony way to use RGB LEDs with that chip is to have LEDs that you have separate access to both the anode and cathode of each colour. A common anode or common cathode RGB LED matrix will not work.

You can do it with 3 MAX7219s, each controlling one color, and then time multiplexing between them, with common cathode RGB LEDs.
“When the MAX7219 is in shutdown mode, the scan oscillator
is halted, all segment current sources are pulled to
ground, and all digit drivers are pulled to V+, thereby
blanking the display.”
Attached shows 2 MAX7219s driving 2 colors, a third is needed.
MAX7219 muxing.jpg
When the part is in shutdown mode, the cathode pins are driven high - the diodes isolate the 3 chips from each other so that only 1 color is selected at a time.
The diodes provide device separation from the active chip and the 2 that are in shutdown.

So three MAX7219s, 24 diodes, and some coding to turn one part on at a time.