8x8 single color led matrix and 595 shift registers

can somebody please guide me to a simple tutorial that can enable me to connect and write a simple movin message on an 8x8 led matrix (in red color) ...... i have two shift registers ...... but cannot get my hands on a simple tutorial enabling me to connect and scroll a message........

please help me out

Browse for the Parola library - does just that using MAX7219 chip.

Can do with 2 shift registers; 74HC595? Brightness will be limited due to current limitations of the parts, really need a high current buffer like ULN2803, or 8 NPN transistors, to allow sinking of current from a common cathode row while the anodes are all driven at once to allow 1 of 8 multiplexing. The anodes need current limit resistors allowing ~8mA of current to keep within the 70mA limit for the chip's power pin.

thanks but can u guide me to a tutorial to connect the 74595 shift registers and 8x8 matrix with a demo sketch

There is a page under Learning:Playground with a sketch.
Make sure to use current limit resistors.

Hmm, maybe there is not, I cannot find it.
In that case, browse the posts of Pedro147, I helped him thru this same question last summer/fall.

Ok, so what you want is this, with 2 shift registers to drive the anodes & cathodes.

webaddic – here is the thread that Crossroads, God bless his heart :smiley: helped me with. There are five pages of trials and tribulations and if you need any help just contact me through the forum with a post on this thread and an e-mail because notifications do not always work. Good luck and happy scrolling. Here is a link to the circuit schematic that I used as well the file is called Matrix 2 SR ULN2803.dsn You will have to download the circuit schematic file then install Tinycad to view it. It’s free and quite useful. If you want some code just let me know and I will dig some out. Pedro