9 volt power supply for Arduino Due

I think I am going mad :o

I have an Arduino Due board that works perfectly EXCEPT I can't get it to accept a 9 volt power supply via the power jack. You might think that the size of my power plug is wrong but a) I have checked it with lots of other Arduino boards and it works fine b) I have tried other power plugs and different sized barrel connectors and c) the voltage from the 9 volt power supply is appearing correctly on the VIN pin on the board so it must be getting through. When the 9 volts is applied the 5 volt pin measures at about 1.2 volts and the 3.3 volt pin measures at 0.44 volts.

I therefore assumed that the board is faulty and bought another one (!!!) but I get the same results.

I am left with only two possible answers:

  1. I am going mad, or
  2. There is a faulty batch of Due boards out there.

I can guess which of these you would pick - and I'd agree with you!

Any ideas???

The right answer:

There is a faulty batch of Due boards out there.

A few months ago I have seen several topics with the same issue. Someone succeded to fix this issue (there is a wrong resistor somewhere, check with the schematic).

Just ask a refund to your board reseller.

If I can remember, all these boards came form Arduino, not clone makers.

See reply #5:


Ah ha...so my sanity is restored! :slight_smile:

Many thanks, I will speak to the supplier.

(And yes, they are genuine Arduino boards).