Powering Due with Vin and GND pins


I have bought 7 Arduino Due boards from Amazon. I am experiencing a problem that I would like your help on.
In my project I need to power the Arduinos using their Vin & GND pins. Unfortanatly only 1 out of the 7 Arduinos works like this. (They all work with the USB ports)
I have done a few tests and as expected, they don’t power on with Jack either or at different voltages. (5v, 6v, 9V or 11.9V)

6/7 faulty products is too big a probability for it to be just an accident. Still one worked, which makes the whole problem more odd.
I would like your help to find out if these products are flawed, and especially, is there a way to fix them ?

Model number : A000062

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I haven’t found anything on the web that relates.

Thanks for your help !

This thread explaines clearly how you can power your board:

If I had faulty boards (maybe the voltage regulator in your case), I would not try to fix the problem, I would ask a refund.


Thanks for the thread. I have read it and undersand clearly how to power the arduino, in theory.

If I had faulty boards (maybe the voltage regulator in your case), I would not try to fix the problem, I would ask a refund.

As for this, this is my problem. I have asked for refunds and each new card I buy still doesnt work. I only need two Boards. In my initial buy 1 of the two Arduinos would power on via the Vin pin. I got a refund on the second and bought another that still didn't work. This happened 6 times. I have tested 7 different boards (A000062) out of which only one could be powered through Vin.

Is it possible that 6 out of 7 boards are faulty ? This seems highly unprobable.

Do you have the last version of the DUE board :

or the previous one ?:

Personnally, I only have the previous ones and no problem when powering the board s with the jack.

I have the new board. Maybe it's a problem that originates from the new board then.

Hi All

I wasn’t sure whether to start a new thread or respond to this one, but there is info here which is useful for ref. so I’ll stay here.

I’ve just had this same problem, but I can offer a solution. I was given a “last” version of a Due and it too worked fine with 5V from USB but not with ext. power connected.

On examination, I found that the 5V reg on this variant (MPM3610) had been fitted with the wrong value feedback resistor, R28, which was 10k instead of 100k, hence the 5V and subsequent 3v3 rails were uselessly low. Replacing this resistor with 100k is the solution - I only had an 0803 one and it wasn’t a high precision type, but it just fits the PCB pads and gives me 4.98V which is close enough.

This wrong resistor had been fitted during manufacture, which unfortunately suggests that there may well be a batch of Dues like this out there and proves that Arduinos are not necessarily fully tested prior to shipment. I suspect that the wrong reel of resistors was placed in the pick-and-place machine at some point. There is another 100k resistor, R30, also part of the MPM3610 cct, but this is not a high-precision part like R28 is so will have come from a different reel.

Hope this helps anyone out there with the same problem. Replacing R28 is a fiddly job but if I can do it with my fat fingers then anyone can :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your experience.