A good way to control 16 digits of 14-segment LED displays?

I looked around and it seems Adafruit has 4 digits version using I2C but I wanted to have 16 digits long and I couldn’t tell if Adafruit design allowed 4 Max chips to be chained or if I needed to do something different.

14 segments + 6 digits is a bit too much for Uno to control directly so if Max serial to parallel chip doesn’t work, any other idea?

I think you may be a bit confused. The “Max chip” normally means max7219 or max7221. These chips are not i2c and cannot drive 14-seg displays. I think Adafruit make a breakout module for ht16k33 chip. This is i2c and can drive 14-seg displays. You can attach up to 8 of these chips, if I remember correctly. The breakout board has 3 pairs of solder pads that can be bridged in any combination to give the chip one of 8 addresses on the i2c bus.