A mini Sd card reader that can be directly powered with 3.3 v

Hello everybody,

I want to have a mini SD card reader that can be directly powered with 3.3 V.

Most of then look like this. They have a regulator that convert the 5 v to 3.3 v

I found this module. Do you know it ? It seems that there is no regulator. The connector has 6 pin that leads to think it is a SPI interface but there is no other view of this module so I only expect it is a SPI interface.

Have you more information about that ?

Thank you for replying.



The first link looks like it has voltage converter for everything with it but hard to tell for sure.

The second just has two capacitors for power filter. And a 4-resistor array 10kOhm used as pull up to Vcc. Many have just 4 separate resistors. Anyway that one has no voltage regulators and needs to receive 3.3V. Be careful many have voltage regulator only for Vcc but not all the pins.