A problem with Software Serial Example program


I have been trying to use software serial for my project as I need to receive GPS data from GPS Streamer widget in Blynk application via bluetooth to Arduino UNO and transmit it via hardware serial to another module.
But, I couldn’t even get the example of software serial working.
I have connected the Arduino board to the system via USB cable and uploaded the Software Serial Example. At 57600 baud rate in serial monitor, I received the output as below.

Goodnight moon!

there are question marks printed at 4800 baud rate as below.


I have also tried sending data from serial monitor but, it is not received anywhere.
I have no idea where I am doing wrong.

I have attached the screenshots of program and serial monitor output.
Please help me to find the solution.

Thank you.

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Please don’t post screenshots of text. Posting text as text will make it easier for people to view it and thus you will have a greater chance of getting help.

While the screenshot of the sketch makes no sense at all, the screenshot of the Serial Monitor is reasonable since it shows the baud rate menu selection. In the cases where it is appropriate to post images, you should attach and embed the image following these instructions:
This will also make it easier for people to view the image and thus make it more likely for you to get help with your problem.

Thank you for helping me get acquainted with the forum.

Thank you for helping me get acquainted with the forum.

So when can we expect to see your program posted properly?