A small day/night vision camera compatible with arduino

I am working on an Arduino project in which I need a camera compatible with Arduino. -> It should be as small as possible -> It should have day/ night vision -> It should have a good resolution (sufficient for face recognition)

I have seen some CMOS jpeg cameras that are conveniently small, but none of them states that they support night vision.

Anyone used/knows a suitable camera for the project?

Thank you

What should the Arduino do with the camera? Use the data? Transfer the data? Do you want it to do the face recognition? For almost all of these tasks the Arduino is much underpowered, even the transfer of a precompressed JPG image is usually to much for the processor. With the available JPG cameras the Arduino needs multiple seconds just to receive one picture.

You should have a look on Cortex M3 powered board like an LM3s9b92 board for this kind of purpose. Of course it wont be as easy to program as an arduino board but what you are looking to do is not easy ...