A6 GPRS Module communication problem

Hello :slight_smile:

I ordered A6 gsm module but it doesn’t want to communicate with USB/TTL or with arduino.
When I connect it to pc using TTL it just sends me few lines of text: CINIT: 1,0,0,0 which changes if i put sim card in it, and CREG 3.
Problem arises when I try to send commands like AT or anything similar to module as the module doesn’t respond back. I even thought that module is broken so I ordered new one and the problem is still the same. I even tried to use other USB/TTL tools, used the logic analyzer to see if the communication is there, but nothing works. TTL send data A6 doesn’t respond back.

I tried to see datasheet to find out nothing except use of INT pin which I tried pulling low or high but without any luck.

I connected the module just like anything else: VCC → VCC, GND → GND, RXD → U_TXD, TX → U_RXD

Does anyone have some experience with this modules and knows what do I need to do to make them work?