A8 - A10?

The iteaduino has a "servo interface" broken out:

The pins are labeled A8 - A10. According to the schematic, they are connected to digital pins 9, 10, and 11. The "A" designation on the silkscreen caught my attention, plus the fact that the numbers don't correspond to the common Arduino numbers for those pins.

I don't know servo functionality well. Do those numbers have some correspondence to some standard servo library? Does the "A" indicate analog (input or output)?

Just wondering if there's some non-standard mode of function for those pins I don't know about.

"A" does typically mean "Analog".

In this situation, I don't know why that's there. Those pins correspond to the data pin on the Servo (which receives a PWM digital signal).

The A0-5 might truly mean the analog pins. But the A10-8 could be a typo for all I know.

Mislabeled according to the linked schematic drawing. Should be D9,D10,D11.



:-[ It's really a typo on the prototype .. These 3 pins should be D9 D10 D11. "A10-A8" just the net we named that in the schematic but not the pin name.

We have fixed it with right silk-screen in the new board. More detailed for these pins will be included in the new manual.