About laser receiver


I bought a laser receiver like below pictures but it grilled for lack of keying: s.
Does anyone know the reference of the receiving module ( transparent with 3 pins )?
I found this but I do not know if it fits: http://www.ttelectronics.com/optoelectronics/ir-sensors/photologicr-sensors
If so, which reference to choose?

Thank you in advance.

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Ok sorry

Well, not much to know about this device. Shine the laser on it, and the Out pin goes HIGH. No laser and it hangs LOW. There's no intelligence, here, so no need for a modulated beam. But, because of that, it's more likely to react to bright ambient light.

Here's a video that seems to do a good job of explaining how to use the thing:


BTW: I easily found it by Googling the following: "arduino laser receiver".

Hello thank.

Yes I know I have this device but the receiver transparent parts is K.O.
So i would like know if it's possible to replace by one of this device :

Quite likely. Try several of the possibilities, and let us know which one works.

Or buy a new sensor board.

OK, I “reverse Engineered” the thing.


So, whatever it is, it needs a power connection – so it probably has some internal active circuitry, to, perhaps, “Digitize” the analog output of the photo device.

I think this device :