About NANO burn bootloader

I followed:

to burn my NANO, but waiting too long more than 3 minutes time and I just stop it on half way.
It can't burn again now.

My question is how long generally need for it?

Let's start with the obvious question. Why do you need to burn the bootloader ?

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A few seconds.

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It can't upload a sketch. and I've tried all solutions I found.

I assume that you have the correct board and COM port selected, but what have you got the Processor set to in the IDE ?

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I tried all three options. The stoped one selected: ATmega328.
BTW: how to know if a NANO has or hasn't a 'Bootloader', my NANO's red led does't flash when pressed the reset button

An attempt to upload a sketch, via the bootloader, does not work ?

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  1. uploading failed;
  2. try to burn bootloader, and it takes too long time, unplugged, now can't burn bootloader, can't upload.

Exactly how did you connect the Uno to the Nano when you tried to burn the bootloader ?

When you tried to burn the bootloader to the Nano which board type and processor did you have selected on the Uno ?

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  1. upload the ArduinoISP into an UNO;
  2. wiring as picture;
  3. burn as picture. click 'Burn Bootloader'
  4. ERROR.
  5. chip on NANO



The chip on the Nano looks like it is a Mega168 rather than a Mega328 which I would expect.. Where did you get the Nano board from ?

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You show "Vin" connected to both the UNO and the Nano.

You need to power them at 5 V; do not use "Vin". (Preferably not ever!)

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used 5v to 5v, same.


Can you please provide a link to the listing on the site

It may be worth trying the Minicore board core https://mcudude.github.io/MiniCore/package_MCUdude_MiniCore_index.json as it has an option for ATmega168

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The link of the NANO I ordered.
I'll your link.

Have you tried connecting a 10uF capacitor between RESET and GND of the UNO? That is sometimes needed to prevent the UNO from resetting while burning the bootloader.

I see no link

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