Absolute rotary encoder with exact 1 degree resolution


For a project I need to know the exact (absolute) angular position of a turning axle with a resolution of exactly 1 degree. There are many rotary encoders or magnetic sensors, but they all have a (360/2n) resolution and I need exactly 360 positions (so a 1 degree resolution). I already made a gray-code disk with 360 positions, but I can’t read it well with IR-reflection. A single track gray code could be a solution, but I don’t know how to make a 9 sensor, 360 position single track gray coded disk :sob: I also can’t use a AS5040 for example, because the shaft comes out of a gearbox, and the other side is connected to a turntable (model trains).

Is there maybe someone who has a solution for me?

Sorry for my bad english.



Edit: It’s a slow turning axle, about 30 sec for a full rotation.

Is the AS5048 Magnetic Rotary Encoder useful? It has 360 degree angle precision sensor with 14-bit resolution. The IC measures the absolute position of the magnet’s rotation angle.

All measurements are associated with errors, so what is your error tolerance?
Why do you think you need "exactly one degree"?

@ b4ip: Like I said, I can’t fit a magnet to the bottom of the axle, there is a gearbox.

@ jremington: When I use a 10bit for example, I always get 360/210 = 0,3515 degrees, so I can never position my turntable at 17 degrees for example. This is why I prefer a sensor that gives me the exact location in degrees where it is (or in 0,5 degrees).
My error tolerance… I think about 0,1 degree. I’m using a stepper to control it, so when I have the location I can position it exactly.

My error tolerance... I think about 0,1 degree.

For the 10 bit example:
0.3515 degrees x 3 = 1.055 degrees, within your error tolerance.
0.3515 x 48 = 16.87, which differs from 17 degrees by only 0.13.

A 12 bit absolute encoder will position to within 0.088 degrees.

I'm using a stepper to control it, so when I have the location I can position it exactly.

So you just need a mechanical reference point (micro switch or ANY low res absolute encoder).
And write to flash a few seconds after you have turned the table.

What do you want to know about 9-sensor exact 360-degree encoder. I can help.